How to Take Amazing Landscape Photos When You Live in a “Boring” Landscape

Landscape photography is fun and exciting when the landscape in front of you is grand and epic, but what do you do when the landscape is flat and boring?I have spent the better part of my landscape photography career photographing some of the most epic and “popular” locations in the western U.S., Iceland, The Faroe Islands, Lofoten, and some of the most iconic places in Europe. I have enjoyed it all and I still absolutely love to photograph the icons. However, at some point, the epic and iconic landscapes also become a bit repetitive to photograph and you may need a new injection of inspiration. A huge side benefit of traveling so much is you get to see your own country in a new light. You learn what is unique to your local area and what you once thought was lame and boring might now be special. On top of that, having traveled so much I have also honed my skills as a landscape photographer and I can use those same skills in my own country.I live in Denmark and if you have never seen any landscape photography from here, I do not blame you. Denmark is not a trending country for landscape photography. We have epic Norway a few hours to the north and the Alps a day’s drive to the south. Why even bother photographing a flat country with long rolling hills, relatively young forests, and endless beaches?

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