I’m an F-Mount Boy, Living in a Z-Mount World

Between the Nikon F mount, Nikon Z mount, FTZ adapter, Metabones MFT to Nikon F mount, and Nikon TC-14e II, I have a serious amount of adapters and extenders to choose from depending on what camera I’m shooting on. Here’s my $0.02 on dealing with the FTZ adapter on my Z50 and adapting glass to other cameras.When the current generation of mirrorless cameras came out, I monitored closely the ability and the technology that the mirrorless adapters used to be able to mount old lenses on new cameras. While I’m a Nikon guy, I am frustrated that I can’t use my meager collection of lenses on that whichever camera is in front of me at the time. I want to put my F mount glass on my Sony a7R III at work — why can’t I do that? Am I shooting myself in the foot by using adapted glass all the time? If you don’t want to read on, my answer is like my early 2000s Facebook dating status… it’s complicated.

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