In the Entertainment Industry, You Need FU Money

In my 10th-grade drama class, my teacher would usually hand me a detention slip for “toilet humor” for breaking her rules with my drama productions. I was immature and found humor in pushing her buttons. My teacher knew I was a good student who needed attention and the entertainment industry was dangerous for people like me. One day, she pulled me aside and said something I’ll never forget: “Walid, if you want to work in Hollywood, you will need ‘f*** you money’ to survive.”I was kicked off stage for nearly every skit for “toilet humo,r” and then, she used that word with me? As a 15-year-old I had no idea how impactful her words would be in my career. At the time, I heard my prude teacher say the f-word. This video goes into details that could help many beginner photographers with their new businesses.One Day, I UnderstoodYears later, I was in the middle of a job when a client asked me to lie to the model about payment. They asked me to lie for them. This would save the international brand several thousand dollars by paying the model only scale and avoiding any commercial usage fees. This unethical but money-saving tactic was enough to cause a high school flashback. Oh, this is why we need “FU Money” to survive this business. That’s what my teacher meant. Now, I understand! “FU Money” isn’t about rejecting a job that is a bad fit for your skills. It is about rejecting anything that may compromise your reputation, integrity, or love for your craft. 

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