iPhone 12 Pro Video Tested Against a Pro Camera

We all hate to admit it, but the most popular photo and video camera in the world is the iPhone. The iPhone 12 Pro was just released, and I decided to put its video cameras to the test by comparing them to the Sony a7S III. The phone did surprisingly well. 

To take a deeper look into both of these cameras, check out the video above. Obviously, the a7S III is a better video camera in almost every way, but the 4K footage out of this phone is absolutely incredible. Surprisingly, the stabilization on the iPhone 12 Pro’s standard “wide” lens is so good, you may not need a gimbal anymore. 

For the average person, the cameras built into the iPhone 12 Pro will probably produce the best photos and videos they’ve ever taken. For professionals, the iPhone will be a valuable tool for specific situations with adequate lighting. Of course, the Sony a7S III is “better,” but I’m not going to choose between them; I’m going to keep and use them both. 


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