Is AI Editing Going to Be a Bad Thing for Photography?

One of the biggest trends in photography is the increasing presence of tools that leverage AI technologies to make everything from subject selection to full-scale edits more powerful and to enable new creative avenues. Is that necessarily a good thing, though? This thought-provoking video tackles the topic and offers an experienced landscape photographer’s thoughts on the matter.

Coming to you from Thomas Heaton, this fantastic video features him discussing his thoughts on the increasing presence of AI-powered tools for post-processing. Personally, while I think one must be careful to never replace the technical skills and creativity of photography, I think AI-powered tools offer a lot of potential in two different ways. First, they can make it far easier to automate and save time on tedious tasks that normally take up a ton of time. For example, I have automated a lot of my batch retouching, making life a lot easier and avoiding tedious but not fulfilling work. On the other hand, I think it can also enable a lot of new creative avenues, though as Heaton points out, there are serious pitfalls to it as well. Check out the video above for Heaton’s full thoughts, and be sure to let me know your opinion as well. Do you use these tools for any of your own work?


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