Is the Leica Q the Best Camera for Street Photography — and a Bargain?

Released in June 2015, the Leica Q (Type 116) is a full frame, fixed-lens camera ideal for street photography. Thanks to the arrival of the Q2 in March last year, there’s now a fair few original Qs available to pick up secondhand approaching half of its launch price. Could it be the perfect camera for street photography?

As explained by street photographer Shane Taylor of Framelines, the Summilux 28mm f/1.7 gives you a wider angle of view compared to something like the Fujifilm X100V, as well as packing a much larger sensor. As a result, it’s better suited to low-light photography, and when you’re shooting at night, during winter, or on London’s Underground, that extra bit of image quality can make a difference. The ability to switch over so rapidly from autofocus to manual is also of great use to street photographers.

If I were to invest in a Leica, the Q would probably be my choice: it’s compact and combines the sleek, classic design with excellent glass and that full frame sensor. The Fujifilm X100V will save you a serious amount of money, and there’s no tilting screen, but of course, the experience probably isn’t quite the same.

Is the Leica Q your street photography camera of choice? Let us know in the comments below.


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