Is the New M1 13″ MacBook Pro Good for Tough Video Editing?

Apple decided to develop and use its own processors on Macs and released the first 13” MacBook Pro with the new ARM-based Apple M1 chip. But, does it really perform as well as the Intel-powered MacBook Pro?

The market is dominated by powerful Intel and AMD processors, and Apple has been working with Intel for a long time. However, the disruptions and delays on Intel’s side forced Apple to make and use its own processors on the Mac line. Apple has been making chips for a long time and using them in iPhones and iPads already. The company introduced the new 5-nanometer M1 chip, with more CPU and GPU cores, which is more efficient and powerful on paper. The first 13” MacBook Pro with M1 chip is already available, but does it really perform better than its Intel predecessor?

In this video, Max Yuryev tests the performance of the new M1 chip on a 2020 13” MacBook Pro with 8GB unified memory installed. He performs some basic benchmark tests based on 4K video processing and decoding and also runs demanding tests to see how well it performs in terms of thermals and power use. The test also shows how it performs with the most commonly used video editing software that are optimized for Intel processors.


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