Is This the Best Alternative To the Hasselblad X-Pan?

There’s something unique and appealing about shooting panoramic format. The most popular camera for it is the Hasselblad X-Pan, which goes for several thousand dollars these days. Do we finally have an affordable alternative?

In this video, Jess Hobbs introduces us to the Presspan. The Presspan is a relatively recent camera to the scene coming in a small fraction of what you’d expect to pay for the Hasselblad X-Pan. It’s really great to see someone, anyone, helping keep the film scene alive with new gear. That said, the Presspan is made by canibalizing an old Nikon film camera, so I do hope that at some point someone starts making new cameras from scratch!

Personally, I don’t have any experience with panoramic film cameras; the closest I’ve come to it is shooting the 16:9 format on my Sony a7R II, which admittedly feels like it isn’t close to the film experience. A couple years ago, a good friend of mine made me an adapter with a 3D printer to shoot 35mm in my Mamiya RB67, and I’ve tried it twice with no luck. This video really makes me want to give it another try to see if I can get it sorted out this time. 

Do you have any experience with shooting in panoramic format? What about shooting panoramic film? What are your thoughts?


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