Is This the Best Camera Released in 2020? Hands On With the New Hasselblad 907X 50C

After more than a year of waiting, Hasselblad recently started shipping its new 907X 50C. Educator and photographer Ted Forbes reckons it might be the best camera released so far this year. Check out this short video to see if you agree.

The Hasselblad 907X 50C is an innovative modular system that gives you the option to attach its 50-megapixel medium format sensor to a variety of older Hasselblad cameras dating back to 1957. The 44 x 33mm sensor captures 14 stops of dynamic range and offers 16-bit color depth while weighing a mere 1.63 lb (740 g).

The compact body also has the option of attaching a control grip and optical viewfinder.

Forbes is particularly impressed by the touchscreen functionality, and you can see why. For most users, it’s far less intuitive than having physical dials and buttons, but it does show how user-friendly interfaces can be, and many entry-level cameras would benefit from a similar approach. With its icons, the experience is similar to that of a smartphone, and the likes of Canon, Nikon, and Sony might want to take note. Convoluted menu systems and fiddly UI are doing the industry no favors in its fight to save itself against the phones that are in everyone’s pockets.

The 907X retails at $6,399. Will you be placing an order?


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