Learn How to Make Your Own Food Photography Backdrops

Can’t afford those beautiful but expensive textured backdrops for your food and beverage photography or maybe you just like the idea of making your own unique version? Check out this video for a fun and affordable way to create your own.

Don’t fret if you’re not a dab hand at woodworking or tool-handling, because you don’t even need to be that good at DIY to make these basic backdrop boards. In this video, food photographer and educator Skyler Burt, from We Eat Together, effortlessly guides you through all the materials you might need and steps to take in order to make your own unique wooden backdrops.

While not all food photography backdrops are super expensive — like these faux wood, laminated paper backdrops — the cheap stuff can sometimes look a little off. And being cheap often means that many other photographers are using the same style, which will certainly have an impact on the uniqueness of each shot. At the other end of the scale, the better-made backdrops can be a little pricey, so depending on your attitude towards DIY, making your own might be the best option. And of course, depending on the outcome, it might be the most rewarding — not just in terms of accomplishment, but also in distinctiveness. You have complete control over the texture and finish, so each one will look different, and you can create them according to your own style or whichever particular project you’re working on.

Do you create your own backdrops?


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