Leica Q2 Monochrom sample gallery


The one on the wet roof is unsharp everywhere. At f16. It might be movement. The -2 stops alley people shot is very grainy in the shadows and there is NO detail in the highlights despite the massive cut in exposure that leads to the excess shadow noise, and I am disturbed by this in a machine, in capable hands, costing 6000 dollars- a lot more than the one that can do colour as well!

There are, mind you, several low-light portraits that are FLAT and noisy as well, noisy to the point where skin texture is destroyed, but whether a very dark 6400 iso or a flashlit 200 iso I note the RAW files are always over 80Mb! No way is this necessary and am reminded of the way Sony packed out R1 RAW files to 20MP in 2005 when the pics were only 10MP. Results on my new QLED monitor remain lacking in the contrast and the Ooomph you get from a good B/W print. There’s no WOW! factor at all.Disappointing machine on this showing.


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