Lightroom Is About to Get a Brand New Feature: Color Wheels for Advanced Color Grading

Adobe has announced that it will soon be rolling out a new feature for Lightroom and Camera Raw: advanced color grading.

Lightroom’s split toning panel has long felt slightly limited in contrast to the plethora of color wheels available in software such as Capture One — not to mention Adobe Premiere. This short video shows how the new panel will work, offering much greater control, bringing not only a better visual interface, but also the ability to shift colors in the midtones, and not merely the highlights and shadows.

This update will no doubt be welcome and it raises the question of whether Adobe will seek to incorporate other features found in competing software, such as the ability to change hue, luminance and saturation through an adjustment brush, and perhaps the use of layers to bring greater control to local adjustments. While layers are fundamental to Photoshop, it’s markedly absent from Lightroom and Camera Raw, making it difficult to manage complex edits. Improvements to tethered shooting would also be well received.

Adobe plans to unveil this update in full at the Adobe Max conference on October 20-22.

Are you excited to see Adobe introducing significant new features to Lightroom and Camera Raw? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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