Lightroom Versus Luminar: Retouching the Same Raw Files

Over the past few years Luminar has taken huge strides in the post production space of photography. One photographer has decided to see how they fare side by side.It took me a little too long to get around to trying Luminar. Once I finally did, I was thoroughly impressed. For me, it offers a different approach to editing raw files to Lightroom, and though many photographers (including this very video) pit them against one another, I have created space for both and they coexist in my workflow. With Lightroom, I use it clinically and edit images for commercial clients that do not warrant particularly creative changes in the post production process. Whereas editorials or images where I want to get creative with colors and my overall edit, I find myself drawn towards Luminar. However, I come from a photographic direction that doesn’t have much landscape work. Landscape photographers are seemingly more torn on the topic, and so Serge Ramelli has decided to edit raw files on both software suites at the same time to compare the experience and the results.

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