Mamiya RZ67 Versus Sony a7 III Shootout

With film’s popularity on the rise, photographers shooting both film and digital is becoming more and more common. 

In this video brought to us by Sophia Carey, we see a fashion portrait shootout between a Mamiya RZ67 (loaded up with Kodak color negative film) and a Sony a7 III. Though the RZ67 has not been made for some time, it was widely considered one of the best portrait cameras of its time. The Sony a7 III has proven itself to be a modern workhorse, capable of meeting just about any photographer’s needs. 

I found this particular video engaging since I own and regularly use a Mamiya RZ67 as well as a Sony a7 camera (an a7R II), and while I am a landscape photographer primarily, I take a good number of portraits and enjoy using both cameras for them. The Sony a7 series has a great selection of existing lenses for portrait work, and the selection is growing year by year. The Mamiya RZ67, however, has a fixed selection of lenses since they are not made anymore; the 110mm f/2.8 is widely regarded as one of the most legendary portrait lenses ever and is a real joy to use. 

Do you have any experience shooting medium format film and a newer full frame digital camera side by side? 


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