‘Moments in Time’ Photo Editing Breakdown

In the latest episode of “Moments in Time” in the Philippines, I traveled to Legazpi along with Win Magsino to capture images of Mt. Mayon, a very beautiful and iconic volcano on the island of Luzon. In this post, I will take a more in-depth look at the post-processing that went into creating the final image.To begin with, a large area of the mountains had recently suffered from a brush fire, so the initial location we wanted to use was still a charred mess, and in some areas, actually still on fire. Fighting against the clock with sunset rapidly approaching, we found a decent spot to set up and start shooting. To add some interest to the scene, I decided to use a 10-stop neutral density filter to create a two-minute exposure. This made the clouds streak across the sky, and the background was looking great. Unfortunately, the foreground had a massive hard shadow line on the mountains.

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