My First Considerations Prior to Bidding on a Commercial Photography Job

In today’s article, I thought it might be helpful to those just getting into the business to take you through my real-time thought process when bidding on commercial assignments, from the initial query email to whether or not I take a job. Over the years, I’ve made a lot of good decisions and a lot of bad decisions, and hopefully, you can learn from my journey.Just this morning, in fact, I got a call from a potential client. They were very nice; they’re launching a new business and wanted to inquire about processes and costs — the usual things. I always prefer, if possible, to speak to someone live, on the phone, on Zoom, or otherwise prior to submitting an official written estimate for a job. It’s a much easier and more efficient way to understand exactly what they are asking you to do, identify any potential tripwires, and make sure you are both on the same page with your expectations. Everything will eventually get put into writing. But, in the initial stages, sometimes, emails can get lost in translation.The last seven days have been particularly active on the bidding and estimating front. That’s not meant to brag. Photography is a career of feast or famine. This week has been crazy busy with calls. Two weeks ago, I had enough time to watch every video on YouTube. Twice. Sometimes, you get lucky enough to have the universe send several calls in your direction. Knowing how to manage those calls takes more than just luck.

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