New Accusations of Sexual Misconduct by David Alan Harvey May Put Magnum’s Reputation Beyond Repair

Magnum’s reputation may be beyond repair following a damning two-year investigation by a journalist into the conduct of David Alan Harvey that has revealed multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. The accusations from 11 women date back 13 years, and Magnum may have been aware of them as early as 2009.

The article by Kristen Chick published on Columbia Journalism Review presents a long and detailed list of allegations of sexual misconduct by David Alan Harvey. Accusations include suggestive comments, unwanted sexual advances, physical aggression, and unexpected masturbation during video calls. There are suggestions that Magnum’s members were aware of his reputation and did nothing to challenge him or investigate his behavior.

The extensive details — many of which were corroborated by third parties — call into question the validity of the recent investigation of Harvey’s conduct, which saw him temporarily suspended in August this year and then suspended for 12 months after it reached its conclusion in October. Many of the women who gave their accounts to CJR have expressed their lack of trust in Magnum’s ability to hold its members to account.

The code of conduct created by Magnum and signed by its members in 2018 remains secret.


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