New macro accessory for precise results

NiSi releases a sturdy-sounding focussing rail to help you place your lens as precisely as possible in relation to the subject in macro photography

With macro and close-up photography proving very popular during the lockdown, check out the new NM-180 Macro Focusing Rail from NiSi. This macro accessory gives you lots of control over the precise position of your lens in relation to your subject, according to the company, and is made of aluminium with a hard-anodized corrosion resistant finish delivering scuff and scratch resistance. The NiSi Macro Focusing Rail is also compatible with the Arca-Swiss dovetail mount and is equipped with an integrated Arca-Swiss type quick release foot-plate and clamp.

The long plate for telephoto mounts is designed for easy locking and release and the bottom of the rail includes 3/8-inch and ¼-inch mounts for all compatible tripod heads, along with four (removable) studs allowing use directly on a table top. The 180mm rail has an adjustment range of 160mm (1.25mm travel per revolution) via the collapsible main thumb-screw or end-screw and a 360 degee rotating head.

Both sides of the rail have engraved index marks to further aid positioning and two rails can be stacked for dual axis positioning. Onsale now for £105, with more information here.

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