Nikon Just Slashed the Price of the D850: Is a Replacement on the Way?

The Nikon D850 was a groundbreaking camera when it was released in July 2017, though its price had dropped by a quarter by the following summer. Now, it’s cheaper than ever thanks to a $500 reduction, but does this price drop come ahead of the release of its successor?

You will hear plenty of industry figures praising the D850, and for many, it’s their favorite camera of all time. It was Nikon’s first camera to feature a back-side illuminated sensor, as well as being the first full frame DSLR to be awarded 100 points by Dxomark. Despite being a three-year-old DSLR, the Nikon still has plenty to offer, especially now that you can pick one up brand new for $2,496.95, down from $2996.95.

According to Nikon Rumors, this reduction arrives ahead of a replacement to the D850, which it claims will arrive next year. Will Nikon make another flagship DSLR at a time when it is pivoting to mirrorless with the Z 6II, Z 7II, Z 5, and Z 50? Canon seems content to have its 1D X Mark III as its DSLR swan song, nudging 5D fans towards its new R mount. Nikon does not appear to be following suit, perhaps because it thinks it can squeeze a little more from existing technology that has proven its popularity.

Would you buy a D880? Do customers want to see Nikon make another high-end DSLR camera? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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