Nikon Says Things Are Getting Better for the Company

2020 has seen a lot of speculation that Nikon is in serious trouble, both due to its own internal issues and the ongoing pandemic’s consequences. However, in a recent interview, the company has said that things are looking up. 

In a recent interview with Amateur Photographer, Tetsuya Morimoto, Nikon Europe’s director, addressed some recent questions regarding the company and its future. In particular, regarding 2020, Morimoto acknowledged that the company was hit hard by the pandemic and the subsequent drop in consumer demand, but said that they have seen a better rebound than initially anticipated. This has been supported by “steady” sales of the D780, Z 6II, and Z 7II; however, due to the AKM Semiconductor fire, there may be shortages and delays of some DSLRs and F-mount lenses. The aforementioned fire did not solely affect Nikon, however, and it is possible that we may soon see shortages of Canon and Sony products as well, and Morimoto specifically said DSLRs and F-mount lenses might be affected, which could be an indication that Z-mount mirrorless cameras and lenses supplies may be untouched. As we approach 2021, it will certainly be interesting to see how the company continues to expand their mirrorless line and if their overall recovery can continue. 


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