Office Chairs Versus Gaming Chairs: Which Is Better for Editing Sessions?

As creatives, we often spend a good amount of time at our desks, and this past year for a lot of us has seen that amount of time double if not triple. Sales of desk chairs over the last year shows that we are not alone in that, but how much research did you do into buying your desk chair? I have to admit over the last year I have put on a few extra pounds and my desk chair finally gave out sending me quickly to the floor. So I started, like a lot of people, heading to amazon to look for a new chair. What I found is that there is an insane amount of chairs out there and without being able to sit test them in person I was lost on what was good versus just brand hype. It seems like most chairs can be put into three groups: cheap no-name chairs, $1,500 name brand office chairs, and the currently popular gaming chairs. 

The team over at Gamers Nexus did a deep dive into what turns out to be a lot of deceptive marketing tactics and unnecessary features that a lot of brands in all three categories are getting away with. I realize the importance of a good chair and the health benefits and productivity one can provide, but I also have a hard time spending $1,500 on a high-end chair. The gaming industry is full of streamers, designers, gamers, and more who spend a considerable amount of time in their chairs, and yet these seemingly comfortable and affordable options might not be what they seem.

How would you rate your current chair for support and comfort? What was most important for you when choosing it? I’m in the market for a new chair so what’s your advice?


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