Olympus 150-400mm F4.5 TC1.25x sample gallery updated

John Koch

Wish I could afford this. But I imagine I would have a hard time zeroing in on distant objects or creatures at the far end. I would have to spot the subject at 150mm, then zoom in, and probably lose focus in the process. Resetting focus, I’d probably not find the subject in frame. Or it would wobble about, particularly if shooting video, due to the distance and narrow FOV.

Tellingly, the one real close-up at 400mm is of a domestic pet, not shy of people or cameras, who was seated fairly near the photographer. A furtive fox in the bushy boonies would be a different challenge.

I guess that’s why zoo or game farm photography has its niche. Selfies shot with a smart phone also feature lots of wild beasts, these days.


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