One Simple Trick for Better Color Grading in Adobe Premiere Pro

Color grading is a profession in and of itself, which means the technical know-how, the theory, and the nuance, all run very deep indeed. However, some methods are more powerful and useful than others, and this one particular tool could greatly impact your work.

I love color grading in photography; it’s as powerful as it is addictive, often having a transformative effect on the overall work. Color grading video is markedly trickier in my experience. The key elements are moving and if you’re looking to localize your color alteration, you’ll either have to settle for a holistic change, or you will need to put in some extra effort.

In this video, Aidin Robbins, a filmmaker and great colorist — at least from what I’ve seen of his — goes through a tool within Adobe Premiere Pro CC which he leans on for color. The tool in question is HSL Secondary and it can seem a little intimidating at first glance. Then, when you add in Lumetri scopes, you could be forgiven for giving up before you start. It is deceptively straightforward though, and incredibly powerful for controlling colors in your video, as well as its overall look.


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