Peak Design, Sony, and BorrowLenses Offer Gear Grants for Black Photographers

Applications are open for grants worth over $3,500 in gear for up to 3 Black photographers and filmmakers based in the U.S. via companies Peak Design, Sony, and BorrowLenses.In response to Peak Design’s recent request, L. Renee Blount wrote a piece discussing the role of photography and brands in promoting outdoor inclusivity and challenged outdoor brands to “lower the barrier” if we wanted to see more people of color in outdoor photography. So Peak Design got in touch with Sony and BorrowLenses to put together gear grants for up to three Black U.S.-based photographers and filmmakers.Peak Design discuss why they chose to limit the grants to Black photographers:Black people are certainly not the only population underrepresented in the photography, filmmaking, and outdoors industries. But the history, contexts, and systems that created inequity for Black people in these industries are specific, unique, and not shared by all underrepresented people. At Peak Design, we believe that to promote inclusivity is to not be colorblind, but rather understand and counteract the barriers faced by specific groups of people. These grants are exclusive to Black photographers and not all photographers for the same reason we say “Black lives matter” and not “all lives matter.”


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