Personal Projects: Fstoppers Interviews Bryce Chapman

Whether it’s engaged, emotional portraits, conceptual science fiction, or striking fine art nudes, there’s a special quality to Bryce Chapman’s photography that transcends boundaries. How does he create such cohesive work across multiple genres?Chapman has been interested in visual arts since he was able to hold a crayon, but his journey into photography started when a great art teacher taught him how to make a pinhole camera. Since then, he’s made a name for himself with images that have both visual and emotional depth. How does he cultivate this cohesive style? It started with finding mentors who exposed him to new photographers, new ideas and ways of looking at image making and art. When he saw what was possible with photography, he said, “my mind was blown, how is this even possible?” This exposure helped shape him as a young artist, influencing how he approached his craft. And while he still reveres both the photographers who mentored him and the photographers whose work inspired him, he’s moved beyond replicating their styles to taking the elements that work for his vision and manipulating them to suit the story he wants to tell.

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