Poll Results: iPhone Photo Beats DSLR

A few days ago Patrick and I posted two images and asked you to vote on your favorite. What we didn’t tell you was that one was taken with an iPhone and the other was taken with a Nikon D850. The majority of you chose the iPhone shot as the better photo. 

This idea came about after Profoto released an update allowing many of their strobes to sync with a smartphone. The ability to add lighting to a photograph outside was only possible with cameras with physical shutters until recently. With adequate light, shots with today’s smartphones really do look amazing and combined with strobe light, it’s really hard to tell that they weren’t taken with a professional setup. 

For our shoot, we both used a single Profoto B10 and a large softbox. My photo was taken with the new iPhone 12 Pro’s “telephoto” lens/camera. 

Patrick took his photograph with a Nikon D850 and Tamron 24-70mm lens. 

My shot, taken with the iPhone, received 55% of the votes while Patrick received 45%. We also mentioned in the previous post that there was a “twist” involved in this shoot. Cristiano Uyeno was the only photographer who guessed that my image was taken with an iPhone. 

Does this mean that the iPhone is a better camera than the Nikon D850? Of course not. The D850 is superior in literally every way. But it is pretty telling that cell phone photos taken with adequate light, and displayed on the web (like 99.99% of photos) can look just as good, or even better than, professionally shot and edited photos. 


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