Reviewing the New Version of MicroFogger, Now With a Remote Control

Looking to add something to your portrait or commercial shots? Take a look at this review of MicroFogger 2, a compact smoke machine.It’s been a while since my previous review of MicroFogger, where I tested out this pocket-sized smoke gadget by either holding it myself during the shooting or asking my model to hold it just out of the shot. This time, Vosentech, the company behind this gadget, has upgraded it to MicroFogger 2, which comes with a few new useful features. AboutMicroFogger 2 is a small gadget that creates smoke and fog effect. The smoke is generated by using “fog liquid”, which is a non-toxic combination of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. Retailing for either $140 or $160, depending on if you choose to include a remote control, your MicroFogger 2 kit will contain:MicroFogger 2USB charging cableSpare heating coil50 ml fog liquid (with an inbuilt syringe)Remote control (optional for additional cost)

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