Sennheiser Releases MKE 200 Ultracompact Mic for $100

Today, Sennheiser released a new lightweight and ultracompact microphone for cameras and phones. The MKE 200 is aimed at creators who aren’t carrying around bags of gear, but still want higher quality audio that built-in microphones can’t match.Measuring 2.7 inches long and weighing 1.7 ounces, the Sennheiser MKE 200 should pair well with smartphones, GoPros, and mirrorless cameras. It’s a battery-free, plug-and-play type microphone that connects to compatible cameras via 3.5mm audio input. In the box, the microphone comes with two cables: one 3.5mm TRS for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, and one 3.5mm TRRS for mobile devices. The front-facing 3.5mm output on the MKE 200 means it will not easily get in the way of the camera’s LCD screen when trying to monitor video recording.

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