Shooting 8×10 on a Homemade Pinhole Camera With f/264? Why Not?

Having very limited experience shooting pinhole photography myself, I found this advice useful and the results quite impressive. In this video, the 25th installment of Mat Marrash’s Large Format Friday, Marrash introduces us to two different 8×10 pinhole cameras. One of which he takes along on a day of shooting different scenes in a Midwestern town. The results of his outing were far more fruitful than my previous experience with pinhole. Granted — I’ve only really tried it once and that was with 4×5 in Atlanta, GA. In fact, I would go so far as to say my results were so disappointing, I haven’t once considered doing it again. Still being quite the novice to 4×5 that I am, I cannot imagine trying pinhole again so soon but admittedly, it does look pretty fun. There’s no fidgeting with focus or movements or choosing the right lens, or anything else other than exposure time. And given the very extreme fixed aperture, all of the exposures, even in broad daylight, are still quite long and suffer from reciprocity failure. Still though, that is part of the charm I suppose. What about you? Have you ever shot pinhole photography? What were your experiences?

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