Should You Buy a Mamiya RZ67?

The Mamiya RZ67 has something approaching legendary status in the world of medium format film photography, but it’s not to everyone’s taste, as this short video makes clear. Would you buy one?

Jason Kummerfeldt of grainydays is a medium format film aficionado, and weirdly, he’s never owned what is often regarded as the ultimate medium format camera: the Mamiya RZ67. Happy with his beloved Mamiya 7, he’s not been tempted — until now. Be warned: Kummerfeldt has a dry sense of humor (to say the least).

Admittedly, the RZ67 is a tank of a camera that was designed very much with studio photographers in mind, so hauling it around the streets of Los Angeles — a city that’s not exactly suited to pedestrians  — isn’t entirely fair. A few in the YouTube comments are keen to point out that you don’t necessarily have to remove the whole back each time you want to change films. My medium format indulgence was an RB67 (long since sold, sadly), so I can’t confirm. If you’d like to offer your thoughts, let us know below.

Is the RZ67 the best medium format camera? Or is it too big for anything other than studio use?


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