SnipBack for iOS and Android Gives You a Second Chance at Photos

How often is it that you miss that great selfie expression, kid photo, or sports play because you didn’t have your camera running at the right time? It happens to me a lot, but a new app for iOS and very soon coming to Android called SnipBack has some good ideas to fix this issue, and it makes me think that our pro gear could learn a few lessons here.What Is SnipBack?SnipBack works for audio and video, and it’s easy to operate and the concept is a good one. The app constantly records to a temporary buffer. This makes it pretty easy to capture easily missed events. In essence, you point your smartphone and the camera is immediately taking images. Like a DVR, you can go back and grab a clip or a still while the camera continues to run. In addition, the app comes with other notable features, including a nice editor for arranging clips for videos and saving them or sending the video to others. Masud Khan, President & CEO of the company that made the app tells the story. “The idea of SnipBack came to me when I was at my daughter’s softball game. When she came up to bat, I started recording, but it was ball 1, so I stopped. Then again, I started recording, and it was ball 2, and again I stopped. Ultimately, she walked, and I had a bunch of useless videos.”Masud thought that there had to be a better way. Why not let the user see the action first before they decide to record it? And just like that, SnipBack was born. And recently, it was awarded six patents with 20 more pending. More about that later.How Is SnipBack to Use?

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