Something Every Photographer Needs to Hear

It is easy to be paralyzed by the fear of imperfection or of rejection in a pursuit that draws on your creativity, even more so in an age where approval or criticism is nearly instantaneous and often sharp. But you cannot allow yourself to be handcuffed by these things, and this fantastic video discusses how to get through those times. 

Coming to you from Samuel Elkins and Mike Dewey, this important video talks about fear of imperfection and dealing with some of the ups and downs of being a creative. No doubt, it takes very thick skin to make it as a creative, and sometimes, despite the vitriol that runs rampant on the internet, we can be our own worst enemies. This can often take the form of being obsessed with perfection, whether that is spending way too much time on an edit or never being happy with your selects from a shoot. It is important to remember that done is always better than perfect (though, of course, there is a balance with maintaining a high standard of quality) and that though there is always room to improve, it is also crucial to be supportive of your own endeavors. Check out the video above for a lot of helpful perspective and advice. 


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