Spend $157, Get Over $5,500 in Photography Products Now

5DayDeal is back with a photography bundle that’s better than ever. This year, Fstoppers is including our tutorial with Peter Hurley, “Illuminating the Face” in the pro add-on bonus for only $157 for 97% off. 

Every year, 5DayDeal organizes a massive bundle deal that incorporates education, software, and tools from a wide variety of leaders in the photography industry. The bundle is by far the best value of any photography deal the entire year. The product list is honestly jaw-dropping this year.

This year, we’re including our Illuminating the Face with Peter Hurley in the pro add-on bonus, an optional post-sale offer for an extra $39. For every sale that occurs, 10 percent is given to some incredible non-profit organizations around the world including Orbis, Mercy Ships, and Make a Wish Foundation. By purchasing this bundle, you’re not only improving your photography skills, you’ll also be improving the lives of thousands of people around the globe. 

This deal only lasts until October 20, 2020 so be sure to act quickly and share the news with anyone else who might benefit from this opportunity


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