Stop Taking Important Personal Pictures on Your Phone

Smartphones are more prevalent than ever, and the majority of us always have one on hand, meaning they have become our default camera for capturing life’s little and big moments. That may be something we come to regret in the years to come, however, and this excellent video essay makes a case for why we should reach for a dedicated camera even for just personal shots. 

Coming to you from Sara Dietschy, this interesting video essay discusses why we may regret using our phones for capturing the majority of important life moments as we get older. For Dietschy, the issue essentially comes down to image quality. No doubt, smartphone cameras have become remarkably capable in recent years, but they still lag behind even basic dedicated cameras in a lot of scenarios, particularly low-light situations. And while there is certainly nothing more convenient than the phone we all carry with us, especially for being able to share moments instantly, that tradeoff we make in image quality for the sake of convenience may be one we come to regret when we are looking back on memories and are left with a mismash of grainy, soft photos instead of true captures of those important times in our lives. Check out the video above for Dietschy’s full thoughts.


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