Teens Sentenced in the Death of Photographer After They Pushed Log Over the Cliff Where She Took Portraits Below

The two teenagers who caused the death of a photographer after pushing a log over a cliff edge have been sentenced. Pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter, they have both been sentenced to three years in a juvenile detention center.

On Labor Day last year, Jaden Churchheus and Jordan Buckley, both 17, pushed the log that landed on and killed Victoria Schafer, who was photographing seniors at the bottom of the cliff, in Ohio’s Hocking Hills State Park.

Originally being charged as adults despite their age, the young men were handed less severe sentences due to calls from Schafer’s family to be lenient. A plea deal also took place, meaning the charges changed from murder and reckless homicide to involuntary manslaughter. Both received three years in juvenile detention. An adult sentence has been put on hold and will remain so if the juvenile detention proves successful.

Videos from the trial were posted online by Brittany Bailey of WBNS. Within one, Schafer’s husband recalls their last night together, and in another, he details the injuries she sustained, including to her head, spine, chest cavity, and her ribs.

A third teen involved in the incident, Miranda Spencer, now faces charges of obstruction of justice. Her case continues.


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