Testing the Canon R5 8K Raw in a Cinematic Setting

The Canon EOS R5 has been almost all of what the photography industry has been talking about. But how does it perform in a cinematic production environment?The R5 has had a Jekyll and Hyde announcement cycle with the specs and price point blowing competition out of the water, but then the rumors of serial overheating and serious limitations to shooting times, balancing everything back out again. However, if we sidestep that debate for a moment, the R5 can shoot 8K raw at 30 fps — and that’s crazy.In this video, Armando Ferreira teams up with Kondor Blue to test the Canon R5 in a real world, production environment to see how it handles. I am no high-end cinematographer, so a lot of the nuance may be lost on me, but the footage looks incredible to my eye. I don’t think for a second that if a show I was watching was using an R5 to shoot a scene it would cause me to break immersion or, perhaps, even notice.This is the first R5 8K test I’ve seen that has stripped back all the noise, LUTs, pans, and other trends of YouTube videography and it’s great to see it in this sort of professional setting. The overheating issues still remain, but if they can be resolved, the R5 is going to be a titan of a consumer level camera.What were your thoughts?

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