The Amazon Photography Review Scam

Scams are nothing new. They come in many forms and are especially popular right now while people are vulnerable. However, this scam is something that has seemingly been going on for a very long time.

Just over a year ago, I started a YouTube channel to discuss commercial photography. One of the strange side effects to this is being bombarded with emails offering free gear or gear in exchange for reviews in a YouTube video. However, amongst the more genuine offers, there are emails where folks are asking you to do something a little different.

I couldn’t work out if this scam was to steal money from your account or to get free publicity with no risk or maybe even a combination of the two. If I can work out how to reduce the risk to just losing the value of a small item, I may set up new accounts to find out (do let me know if you already know the answer to this). Having since headed back to Amazon’s review section, these reviews are now very easy to spot. As I discuss in this video, the reviews and ratings of equipment are very, very far from reliable on Amazon.

Were you aware of this scam?  


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