The Best DSLR for Beginners is Only $120

If someone wanted to get into photography today, it would be undoubtedly overwhelming. There are far more cameras than ever before, many with price tags that will make your eyes water. But, what if you only needed to spend $120? 

I’d always had a vague interest in photography from a young age, but it’s not something I pursued. I would borrow the family camera and take lots of snaps, even of obscure things like the way shadows were forming on a wall through a large plant. They weren’t very good photographs, I’m sure, but I was clearly interested in the medium. When I got a little older and finally decided I wanted to test the waters, I was skeptical. I used to be flighty in the extreme when it came to trying new things. Like many people, I’d try something, enjoy it, dive in completely, then grow tired of it and wander off.

So, to be safe, I didn’t outlay much money. I bought an early Canon digital body, second-hand of course, and a kit lens. Looking back, it was pretty dreadful by today’s standards, but I was thrilled. If, like me, you’re not sure you are someone close to you will stick to photography, you can now get powerful cameras cheaper than most of us ever imagined would be possible. I must say, I was stunned to hear that this Canon DSLR is at $120, so I went on eBay to check the U.K. market and I found one even cheaper. A truly incredible deal.


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