The Best Way to Edit Time-Lapse Videos

There are many ways to edit a time-lapse video, with varying degrees of success. This way might be the best, but also the most tedious. Good things come to those who wait.My first attempt at a time-lapse was the most time consuming, computer slowing, disastrous err in judgement I’d made in some time. I decided, wanting to be a snowflake, I would try to create an HDR time-lapse of a sunset. So, I set up my camera and my intervalometer, and I shot an average sunset for an hour. As I had decided I wanted to make it an HDR time-lapse, I had to take 3 bracketed shots per frame. Once I was finished, I had to batch edit thousands upon thousands of frames, then stitch them together into the time-lapse. The technique I used for making the time-lapse itself was similar to the one in this video. I spent ages and it wasn’t worth it one bit, however, that wasn’t because of the technique, which while tedious, was effective.

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