The Best Way to Sharpen Your Photos: Photoshop Versus Lightroom

Sharpening images is a crucial step of every photographer’s post-production, but with so many different ways to do it, which is the best?I have gone through so many different methods of sharpening my photos in post production, I have forgotten several. One of my earliest techniques was taken from a photography magazine (you know, those shiny paper book things we used to hoard) where to get a dramatic monochrome portrait, you used a High Pass filter. I liked how “sharp” it made my images, so I started to do this to all my images in totality.I was making a wealth of mistakes, however. Firstly, it was a destructive method which caused a lot of noise as a byproduct. Secondly, in a similar vein, it caused haloing on a lot of objects in the scene. Thirdly, I applied it to the image in totality. The third mistake is something that persisted through all of my various techniques I employed for sharpening for many years.As Nace mentions in this video, localized sharpening is not only a better way to apply your sharpening method, but can aid in drawing attention to whatever you want as the focal point. No matter which sharpening route you take, that is one takeaway I would really recommend hanging on to.Which sharpening methods do you use? Do you prefer Photoshop or Lightroom? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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