The Business of Photography: Fstoppers Interviews Nino Batista

The economic effects of COVID-19 are still being felt by photographers, but glamour photographer Nino Batista built a strong foundation under his business that allowed him to weather the worst of the storm. What did he do to make his business recession-proof?Nino Batista is an internationally published photographer whose work can be seen in magazines like Playboy and FHM, and he’s also been a featured instructor or contributor for most of the major photography outlets in the business. But even Batista wasn’t safe from the economic crash of COVID-19. As shutdowns swept the country, Batista’s photography business, like so many others, had to be restricted. His income didn’t dry up, though, because Batista had made smart business moves early on in his career.When a business diversifies, it builds safeguards that protect it from financial failure when a single market goes dry. During the worst of the COVID lockdowns in the US, Batista was still paying his bills with online mentoring, the sales of his actions, and putting together a tutorial for retouching. He began to diversify early in his career, with things like workshops and Photoshop plugins, and since he took the time to establish himself before disaster struck, he had a name people recognized and trusted.He also has a reputation for the kind of photography that companies and magazines look for, which required years of consistent effort and high-quality work. No brand is built overnight. During the course of the interview, Batista and I talked about business practices and other things photographers can do to not only find success but to safeguard themselves against unexpected fluctuations in the market. The following advice summarizes the pertinent points in our conversation.Get GoodThe best way to become a trusted professional is to deliver high-quality products and services when you’ve agreed to deliver them. It’s impossible to hand over a quality experience or fantastic products if you’ve never taken the time to grow the technical skills you need to make great photographs. The same is true for the skills needed to run a successful business. Before photographers can have a reliable income, they’ve got to develop their skills.

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