The Canon EOS R7 Is Likely Coming Next Year

Canon’s EOS R5 and R6 cameras have been very popular and well received, while the EOS RP and EOS R help to round out the lower ens of the company’s mirrorless lineup. However, besides the upcoming flagship model, one notable absence is an APS-C model, but it now seems likely we will see such a camera next year.

Canon Rumors is reporting that currently, an APS-C RF mount camera is being tested by certain photographers. Such a camera is very likely to be the EOS R7, the mirrorless equivalent to the 7D Mark II. The 7D line has always been highly popular. As the flagship of the company’s APS-C line, it offers amateurs a chance to step into more advanced capabilities without dropping a ton of money on a full frame camera, and for professionals, it makes for a great second body or alternate camera for when one needs more reach without sacrificing other features. Personally, I have always loved my 7D Mark II; it has been a fantastic companion to my main body when shooting baseball, especially when I need extra reach to shoot the far end of the field. But it is getting a bit long in the tooth, and a version with an updated sensor and mirrorless features would definitely be welcome. As of now, it looks like we can expect that version sometime in 2021. 


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