The Insane Lengths Photographers Went to Capture a Historic Shot of President Trump

President Trump was out golfing when news broke of President-Elect Biden’s projected win of the presidency, thereby ending Trump’s time in office at one term. Capturing Trump during this moment was not easy, however, and took significant effort and extreme equipment to accomplish.

The difficulty arose from the fact that Trump was golfing at the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, which does not allow photojournalists access to the course. So isolated is the course that the nearest vantage point that offered occasional views of Trump was in an entirely different state on the other side of the Potomac River, three-quarters of a mile away, requiring a significant crop even at the already extreme focal length of 1,200mm. You can see just how hard the photojournalists had to work to get the shots and one of the resulting images below.

Even crazier was that the photographers then had to run with all that heavy equipment to the next spot as Trump moved across the course in a golf cart. Nonetheless, the photographers succeeded in capturing a pivotal moment in history. Kudos to them! 


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