The Mountain

A couple of weeks ago I returned to the North of Burgos with my friend Adrián Vázquez, although the previous days it had snowed quite a lot, the rains took away some of the snow although it was still in the area.
Finally Adrían took me to the Pico Miel, this place seemed incredible to me, so I made a 360 degree panorama so as not to lose a single detail. On one side of the frame I placed the snow-covered peak and on the other the small path, so that both would look at the peak in front of them, to top it all off, it was one of those days when the lights accompanied us completely. It must also be said that from time to time there were gusts of wind that made it difficult to take the picture, but with a little patience it was possible.

With this shot I take this opportunity to wish you a fantastic 2021, I’m sure that this year the trend is to get better!

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