The New Photoshop Update Brings Some Dramatic New Features

Adobe has just announced the roll-out of version 22.0 of Photoshop, an update that brings a range of new features, including neural filters which can manufacture someone’s smile and change a person’s age, all with a handful of sliders.

Described as a “new workspace in Photoshop,” neural filters is, among other things, able to dramatically reduce the workflow involved in changing a person’s appearance. This tool is non-destructive and instantaneous and generates “new contextual pixels that are not actually present in your original image.”

This goes seems to go beyond the Face-Aware Liquify tool that allows you to tweak the size and angle of a model’s nose, lips, and eyes. The “Smart Portrait” panel has sliders labeled “Happiness,” “Surprise,” “Anger,” and “Facial age.” As the video above shows, the AI can even make an educated guess as to what a model’s teeth might look like.

The machine learning behind neural filters is powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence, which integrates with the Adobe Experience Cloud.

A number of filters will be included within the update to Photoshop, with some subject to further testing and others due in future releases. Skin smoothing is complete, while Smart Portrait, while available, is undergoing further development. As the video shows, their uses appear to be wide-ranging.

Sky Replacement

With Luminar pushing their sky replacement capabilities hard in recent months, those who need to swap out weather conditions will be delighted to see that Photoshop has not fallen behind. Adobe offered a sneak peek a month ago, and you can now see more details of how this tool functions by clicking here.

Sky replacement Photoshop

Other Additions

A number of other tweaks have been made, including improvements to subject selection, particularly when it comes to refining hair. You can find a more detailed list here.

Are you excited to see the changes being introduced by Adobe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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