The new Polaroid goes digital with the Bluetooth-enabled Polaroid Hi-Print

Polaroid’s iconic rainbow design is coming to instant printers after a merger kept the brand from fizzling out. On Monday, August 24, Polaroid launched the Hi-Print, a mobile Zink printer that sports a classic color scheme, but spits out modern prints from a smartphone. The Polaroid Hi-Print is the company’s first digital product to launch after the company rebranded in March, marking the completion of the move from Polaroid, to Impossible Project’s buy out dubbed Polaroid Originals, to Polaroid again.

The Polaroid Hi-Print uses 2×3 paper-ink cartridges. The dye sublimation technology means that the ink is embedded into the paper, and there are no ink cartridges required. The Hi-Print cartridges print onto a water-resistant, sticky-back photo that’s roughly credit card sized.

The accompanying iOS and Android apps allow users to edit before printing. The suite of editing tools includes filters, overlays, frames, stickers, text, and other options before wirelessly sending the photo to the Hi-Print.

Unlike earlier options like the Polaroid Zip, the Hi-Print uses Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi, which can consume less energy and can potentially be easier to connect to a mobile device. The internal battery is rated to last for 20 prints, or two cartridges.

The Polaroid Hi-Print uses a white body with the iconic Polaroid logo and a rainbow-wrapped end. Outside of the updated look and Bluetooth, the Hi-Print blends in easily with the list of already available Zink printers. Quality from Zink printers tends to vary little between printers because each one uses a similar paper, and the list of features — the editing app and water-resistant prints with a sticky back — are similar to competing options.

Along with the Bluetooth update, however, the Hi-Print refreshes the mobile printer under Polaroid’s rebrand. In 2017, the Impossible Project, a company refurbishing old cameras and producing saving Polaroid’s instant film from extinction, became Polaroid Originals after purchasing the brand name. Earlier this year, Polaroid and Polaroid Originals (formerly the Impossible Project) became one company. At the time, the company launched the instant camera, Polaroid Now, but the Hi-Print is the company’s first digital product since those changes.

The Polaroid Hi-Print is available directly from beginning today and hits major retailers including Best Buy, Target, and on September 10. The printer is expected to retail for about $100, with 20 prints costing about $17.

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