The Photography News Podcast ep 16 out now!

Posted on Dec 22, 2020

Join the Photography News team for an epic Christmas podcast special where we take stock of an extraordinary year and all that it’s meant for our photography.

Will, Roger and Kingsley talk about what changes 2020 has seen in their shooting styles, whether they’ve done more or less photography, what have been their project highlights of the year, what cameras, lenses and accessories they’d like to find in their Christmas stockings – and most importantly what photographic learnings they’re going to take into 2021.

And as the PN star trail challenge reaches its twinkling climax, the team deal out some handy real-world technique tips on how to – and how not to – photograph the swirling heavens. How should you use an intervalometer? What about manual exposure settings? How do you make trails clearer or less distinct to suit your compositions? It’s all here to discover.

There’s also some top info from our friends at MPB on which mirrorless camera models to consider if you’re moving on from using a DSLR, and to top it all off, PN editor Will suggests the best way to round off 2020 with your pictures.

Got a pressing photography question? Email [email protected] and you could find your question being answered by some of the best in the business. And don’t forget to catch up on previous episodes, too!

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