The Problem With the Internet and Photography

The internet is a great resource. It allows us to find an answer to anything in an instance. It is rare that I can’t find what I am looking for during day to day searches. However, there is a huge negative to this too.

When I started photography in around 2009, the internet was well established. It was a far more high brow setting than perhaps it is now. Those who published tended to be those who had some authority in the field. It was a bit like being an author of a book, and not everyone felt up to the challenge. Since then, times have certainly changed. After a while I felt I was up to the task of publishing my knowledge online (I wasn’t) and I think at around that time (2011 ish) more and more people felt comfortable with sharing their knowledge too. 

And here came the birth of the internet photographer. Of which I was certainly one of them. One of those who had more to say than they had achieved. Who would argue a point based on nothing more than something I heard someone else say. Facts started to be muddied and finding good and correct information on even the basics became more difficult. Add to this the profession of being an internet photographer, influencer, YouTube presenter, and general photography personalities, and you can quickly see how finding any useful business advice or information on pursuing careers in commercial photography or any form of advertisement work can become near impossible. Which is the pitfall I both fell into and then dug a little deeper in.

In this video I discuss the issues surrounding this as well as offering advice on how to find good quality information online in 2020. 


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