The Secret Cave

In our recent trip through Galicia and Asturias, one of our first stops was the Virxe Do Porto.

Since I met her in 2011 it was always a place that I fell in love with and I have come back to on some occasions, although until now I had not taken any pictures that I really liked.

Exploring the area a little before sunset, looking for possible frames, I found a corner that I especially liked, but it was risky, since I could not get anything out.
Finally I took a chance and bet on one single picture, if what I wanted came out, I would take something different from that beaten up place, otherwise I would waste a sunset in that fantastic place I would not return to on that trip.

Finally there was luck and the desired frame came out, with this photo I wish you all a good Sunday!

You can see this photo and more in high resolution in my web:

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