The Sony a7S III Has Mind-Blowing Low Light Performance, Especially at 12,800 ISO

ISO performance on cameras has improved exponentially over the last decade, and now you are able to use higher values than ever before more or less without punishment by way of noise. Sony’s new videography titan is raising that bar even further it seems.

The Sony a7S III has been tremendously well-received thus far, hitting many of the markers the consumers and prosumers alike were hoping it might. But one area that is particularly impressive on the new body is its low light performance.

Sony’s official stance is that the a7S III doesn’t have dual native ISO, for all intents and purposes, it does. That is, it has ISOs above 100 that have noticeably improved performance and a reduction in noise. The “base” ISO values vary depending on the picture profile you are using, with S-log having a “high base” ISO of 12,800. That means that at 12,800, the a7S III will produce less noise than at 10,000 ISO for example.

In this video (which will require subtitles unless you speak Mandarin,) Bruce of SofaShiba Studio goes through specific tests as well as presenting a short film shot in 12,800 ISO and the results are frankly staggering. The short film at the start of the video I could have never guessed was shot at such high ISO; it looks cinema-grade.


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